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Game of Thrones

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Intrigues and passion, guile and courage, bloody battles and unexpected alliances – the fascinating atmosphere of the Middle Ages, where the images of an aristocratic trait and unbridled savagery are wonderful each in its own way. For the fans of the fantasy genre and especially the legendary saga the “Game of Thrones”, Marc Petite presents the limited collection of exclusive dog collars.  

Maybe it was long ago when you began to notice that your beloved pet had something in common with a proud-spirited lord or a brave knight? And maybe you have always been impressed by his courage and his ability to cross through obstructions? Probably you are not the only one who’s glued to your TV screen when it shows the battles for the Iron Throne of Westeros but your four-legged dear doggie by your side is hypnotized too? If so, you both be ready to fall in love with the collars of the Medieval collection as they incarnate the distinctive magic that has been electrifying the spectators for years.

Medieval dog collar by Marc Petite, inspired in Games of Thrones


Marc Petite
Dog collar for small, middle & large breeds. This handmade dog collar made of natural Spanish leather from Ubrique & finished with high quality solid brass buckle & barrette with high breaking load. Inspired in "Games of Thrones"™ - Medieval Style Limited Collection