Canine Couture: The Most Luxurious Dresses Ever Made For Dogs

It might be strange to hear, but there is the world of "canine couture," where dogs are dressed in amazing silk, cashmere, crystals and fur, diamond collars and knitted, tailored shoes & lucky doggies enjoy it all.

Well, this may sound strange but makes this world more diverse and funny to look upon. Let's take a look!

The jaw-dropping ball gown featuring Swarovski crystals and silk

Some dogs may also like cosplay experiments and dream of a splendid dress to shine at a public event. And maybe some even want to try on a gorgeous image of a wonderful peacock! With that thought in mind, designers took six meters of pure James Hare silk satin and 40 thousand of Swarovski crystals to make an awesome unrivaled dress for dogs. The ballgown costs 40,000 euros and remains the most expensive in the world.

Most Expensive Dog Dress

How pricey a dogs’ wedding may be?

A white wedding dog dress decorated with 1,800 Swarovski crystals and complimented with a beautiful pearl necklace was once made for a doggie bride – 6-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Lola owned by Louise Harris who arranged the event at cost of 20,000 pounds. Louise knew how to arrange an ever glamorous pet wedding as she runs a dog boutique and a grooming parlour in Chelmsford, Great Britain.

Yorkshire Terrier Lola owned by Louise Harris

Dog clothes designer Michele Ochs 

The wedding dress of Lola created by dog clothes designer Michele Ochs was estimated at 1,000 pounds. It proudly featured Swarovski leg cuffs 250 pounds worth and a crystal lead that cost 350 pounds more. Her happy groom Larry wore a nice £100 tuxedo so the couple could easily shine on a dog’s magazine cover.

Posh Puppy Boutique 

Posh Puppy Boutique is another bright maker of posh wedding dresses for canine brides. Its Victorian bridal gowns decorated with crystals are priced at over $1,000.

Anthony Rubio – the trendsetter in the world of canine couture

Anthony Rubio – the trendsetter in the world of canine couture

Anthony Rubio is widely knowns as a pet fashion designer. He creates breathtaking costumes and dresses for dogs that make us both astonished and envious. The designer has been doing canine fashion shows for 10 years, the pups are gorgeously carried by human female models walking along runways. Anthony is not the last person who made the pet product industry grow to annual 65 billion dollars. He calls himself the Pet Courturier and it sounds fresh and proudly. His pet models wear bold iridescent colors, many dresses are decorated with sequins and stones. The audience always meets Rubio’s collections with a storm of applause.

 Anthony Rubio – canine couture - Spanish motives

Antonio Rubio Dog Dress

Thousands of dollars for designer canine dresses

KO Couture

Talking about fashion canine brands the first one to be mentioned is KO Couture. It’s full of love and inspiration that make a wonderful transformation of dogs into princesses. Some dresses of the brand primarily presented by the talent of Kelly Owens cost hundreds of dollars, but few others reach thousands of dollars in price. The one adorned by rhinestones, glitter and 4000 Swarovski crystals, for example, became truly unique and took 100 hours of work. The sparkling dress was priced by the brand at $6,000!

KO Couture Dress


Furdrobe is another maker of dream-like dresses for pets. Priced $8,000-10,000 they always make buzz and sell out amazingly fast! Floral motifs, pastel colors, Swarovski crystals, shimmer sapphire stones and handmade silk – this is the splendor wealthy pet owners pay for.

Furdrobe Dog Dress


Cosmic harness dress at cosmic price

Doggie goes outlandish and futuristic when wears a Posh Puppy Boutique costume. This is for those who seriously dreamt of a harness to be transformed into a dress. Yes, it’s a true piece of luxury that features gorgeous velvet, bridal silk and over 2,000 Swarovski crystals. The waist of a futuristic canine queen is decorated with ostrich feathers and crystal pearls. All this splendor is offered to $6,600.

Cheaper couture dresses with glamorous sequin ostrich feathers may be found in Chicago – around $350 for an impressive cabaret look for your pup! Check out the products of OCHauteCouture to find some inspiration.


Posh Puppy Boutique costume