Flora Style

Beautiful buds, subtle tracery of stems and leaves, delicate petals: the splendid dog collars collection “FLORA” is a tribute to the magical beauty of flowers and plants. Not without reason, they are given to the dearest and closest ones. This wonder of nature inspires creative minds to make art just the way it has inspired Marc Petite to make the enchanting “FLORA” collection.

Flora Style Dog Collars

“FLORA” is a paradise garden of the most wonderful flowers, our gift for faithful friends of our customers.

We have combined the ever-soft velour with multicolored stones, complimented them with vegetative patterns made in metal and added reliable high-quality fixtures. Whether your pet was an expert in beauty and design, you would probably hear his enthusiastic barking! Just look at the “FLORA” collection accessories – you seem to be getting a bit envious!

Star-shaped flowers, gorgeous asters are the symbol of elegance, love and refinement – they have become the main feature of the Asterry dog collar design. The open bud of a purple aster framed by bronze stems and leaves beautifully contrast with the tender dusty rose velour. 


Asterry is the collar for greyhounds whose appearance and character are full of pride and nobility. It is the most appropriate accessory for such a dog. You are going to hear so many compliments! 

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