Best Gifts for Dog & Cat Lovers

Best Gifts for Dog & Cat Lovers

It is cool to have a creature which is always around you. The one that feels your mood and can find an approach to you the way nobody else can. It’s not surprising you treat this creature as an equal member of your family and love it as much as others love their children. You want it to be healthy, well cared and happy. And you associate it with positive emotions that is why you fill your moments with the image of your lovely pet. Does it sound familiar to you? Or maybe you know a good person who loves his/her pet this much? In this case, we know how to bring more joyful emotions to your days!

Unique dog or cat gifts for owners that feature images of beloved pets are cool for interior, everyday wear, home or even office. You catch one with your eyes and can’t keep from smiling. It’s like getting a piece of warmth, something soulful and pleasing! Below is a list of original, creative and simply good ideas for custom gifts for pet lovers to be presented to a pet lover.

Custom Dog & Cat Portraits from photo

It may become a favourite interior item for a pet lover – a portrait created in watercolour technique with an image of his/her kitty or doggy from the best photograph. It can be digital, printed on textured paper or placed on a canvas.
A personalized dog or cat portrait may perfectly fit into bedroom’s design, find a place on a shelf next to family photos or meet guests in the hall when they just come in.Personalizes & Custom Dog Portraits

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Big, small or moderately-sized – you may use a custom portrait as a centrepiece of a room or make it an additional interior element that emphasises owner’s interests. Day is always brighter when Marley smiles at you from the wall!

Personalizes & Custom Cat Portrait

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Personalized cups with pets

A cup of hot chocolate at the window on a rainy day or invigorating coffee early in the morning – it surely brings more pleasure when drunk from a personalized cup with an image of your naughty pet. It’s particularly nice to enjoy a beverage from the cup with the cutest photo of a beloved furry friend on it. Husky, pug, frenchy, chihuahua, yorkie or your favorite / own puppy on tea or coffee cup.

Husky Cup - Gifts for Husky Lovers

 French Bulldog Cup - Frenchy lovers gifts

Chihuahua Cup - Chihuahua Lovers Gifts

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 Custom Cat Cup - Cat Lovers Gifts

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Custom Paper wallpapers for walls

This is way more fundamental! But imagine what a cool idea it might be when a pet lover starts renovation in the apartment! You can send a lovely photo of the pet to get it printed on paper wallpapers of your choice: smooth, textured, pre-bonded. And when the wall is ready, it only remains to find some cute accessories to make the place unique and comfortable. Find out these awesome dog & cat wallpaper for walls!

Dog Murals - Custom Paper Wallpaper for walls

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Personalized Murals - Cats

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Custom Dog or Cat Puzzles

The favourite game of many children is getting more exciting when they finally manage to form the image of their awesome pet! Adults will surely enjoy the process too. Puzzles that feature the image of the pet represent an undoubtedly special gift for a pet lover. Pick one – square or heart shaped – and bring a smile on the face of the one you love.

Custom & Personalised Puzzles

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Custom Dog & Cat T-shirts for humans

Add a pet-themed print to your own casual style or get it made for a pet lover as a gift! It’s sweeter and way cuter than having a boyfriend’s face on your chest! Your loyal, dearly loved four-legged creature will always be with you wherever you go.

Custom & Personalized dog t shirts for humans

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Custom Cat T-shirt

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