TOP-7 Most Expensive Dog Collars

Did you know that some happy pooches are presented amazingly expensive outfits and luxury designer dog collars that cost more than royal adornments? The price of the most expensive dog collar goes beyond comprehension – it’s worth $3.2 million! Oh, my! It’s all about love and the size of a pocket. And maybe a bit of hope that such a gift will make the doggie happy and loyal till the very end.

But which lucky pooch enjoys the most expensive collar ever made? And what other dog collars may also boggle our minds and make royal ladies envious?

#1 Amour Amour Diamond Dog Collar – $3.2 million

Amour Amour Diamond Dog Collar – $3.2 million

Also called “the Bugatti of dog collars” this diamond dog collar even deserved its own page in Wikipedia. It was internationally covered by media as no other collar has compared to the Amour Amour so far. The design of the 52-carat collar made from 1,600 diamonds resembles a chandelier. Its centerpiece is a precious 7-carat flawless stone. Platinum, white gold and crocodile leather were also used to create the incredible record-breaking piece of jewelry. It’s hard to say whether the collar is worn by any pup today but we know whose dog had a chance to try it on. The lucky pet belonged to reality star Holly Madison who agreed to provide its lovely doggie for a FIDO Friendly magazine cover shoot.

More info on Wikipedia about Amour Amour

#2 Amour de la Mer - $899,000

Amour de la Mer Dog Collar

This is a straightforward love confession towards the pet and the depth of the sea as the centerpiece of this amazingly expensive dog collar is represented by a 8.5 carat sapphire. The collar is also complimented by 600 diamonds and 18K white gold beautifully arranged on the ostrich leather band. If dogs played the roles of Rose and Jack in “Titanic” they would certainly try this collar on!

#3 La Jeune Tulipe dog collar from the Posh Puppy Boutique – $150,000

La Jeune Tulipe dog collar from the Posh Puppy Boutique

The store that sells lavish accessories for dogs is located in Rocklin, California, while its masters are based in New York. Their heads are probably melting under the hot sun and they adorn dog collars with 1.52 carat marquise-cut diamonds. The accessories are exclusively customized according to precise measurements of pups. When they first appeared in the market, they became the top treasure of the canine world.

#4 Louis Vuitton dog collar - $440,00

Louis Vuitton dog collar

When mommy wears LV, why the puppy can’t? The Baxter Xsmall dog collar for a representative of a petite breed has the same Monogram canvas and the stylish LV symbol just like those on extremely popular bags of the brand that make women crazy. The collar features golden brass details, natural cowhide lining, a bow that can be easily removed and a customizable plate.

#5 Tiffany & Co. dog collars - $260,00

Tiffany & Co. dog collars

Simple but minimalistic design and super quality Italian leather complimented by the name of the brand itself – these make this dog collar a steal for faithful fans of Tiffany. The medium-sized collar of the beautiful blue color features a palladium-plated metal hardware you’d wish to see on your bag.

#6 Olivia Riegel Dog Collars - $199 - $225.50

Olivia Riegel Dog Collars

You know what? Such collar will not make the world hate you if you have one in your collection like it may happen with Amour de la Mer. Expensive but affordable for many people. Olivia Riegel brand chooses one of the best color combinations associated with royal chic – gold and red! That’s classics but way better, more sophisticated.

#7 Hartman & Rose dog collars - $149

 Hartman & Rose dog collars

The Canadian brand finally considers the fact that doggies won’t tell diamonds from pearls and crystals, and produce expensive still affordable collars from high-quality Italian full-grain leathers, pearls, Swarovski crystals, hand-painted enamel, and lovely golden elements.