Dog Fashion Shows: what, where and why

And When Dog Shows Come Close to Fashion!

Dog Fashion Show

With passion for animals and dogs, in particular, more and more people all over the world get themselves a pet with an intention to make its life as comfortable as their own. For instance, dogs may now try amazing dishes specially cooked for them by a professional chief in a restaurant or spend a couple of days in a luxury hotel with their owners, or even travel in a cabin of a plane… Along with that, and it does not seem surprising at all, they get dressed like people. Brands began to sell clothes for dogs. For example, the range of fashion products from H&M now has dog’s jumpsuits, sweaters and hoodies created in collaboration with Moschino and for the basic line. Top-luxury fashion houses are catching up – Ralph Lauren also presented sweaters, comfy vests and polos for small dogs in its distinguished style. And there’s much more than that.

With increasing interest to dog’s fashion – which was significantly influenced by celebrities as well – the world embraced the idea of enjoying stylishly dressed four-legged creatures on fashion runways..

Who Stands Behind Dog’s Fashion

Dog Fashion Shows

Since 2003 New York has been arranging an annual charity event that collects money for a non-commercial organization The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals cooperating with over 150 rescue teams and shelters. During an event called “New York Pet Fashion Show” both animals and their owners walk along the runway. Their outfits are fabulous, specially prepared to comply with the chosen theme of the show.

In August 2018 there was the fifth fashion show “International Ball” aimed to collect money for animals’ rescue organizations. Its participants were also lavish with gorgeous outfits: animals and their owners demonstrated dresses with crystals, feathers, gem-stones and artificial flowers. One of the stars at the show – a Yorkshire terrier Penelope – was wearing “a romantic summer dress” embroidered in 10,000 Swarovski crystals.

Among the celebs who contributed to the dog’s fashion more than others was certainly Paris Hilton, the owner of a Chihuahua Tinkerbell. The star of the reality show was one of the first to show the world that dogs could be much more than pets. People finally came closer to understanding that the niche of dog’s fashion was to be further filled up by brilliant ideas and sparkling models. The interest and admiration for little four-legged fashionistas has grown so much that now the world has a big number of spectacular and super-cool dog fashion shows.

New York Pet Fashion Show

The New York Pet Fashion Show is truly among the most prominent ones, in 2020 it has been held for the 17th time. The catwalk saving animals was organized by Gregg Oehler and Ada Nieves – a pet media guru, president of Oehler Media Inc. and a pet fashion designer, creative director of the NYPFS. The first show of the enthusiastic couple dates back to 2003 – it surpassed all expectations! Dogs and their pets demonstrated “top-of-the-line” couture outfits and managed to change the very public perception of animals’ rescue. Since then, many famous people attended and walked on the runway of NY Pet Fashion Show. The largest names of media are pleased to cover the event every year.

In 2020 the event featured three runway shows: Sci-Fi couture: 2020 A Space Odyssey. Haute Couture: high Fashion For Animal Rescue, and Best In Show. Sparkling doggies generously wrapped in tulle, UFO and NASA spaceship costumes, futuristic storm troopers – this is how the world of dog’s fashion will memorize the event held in 2020.