15 Best Dog Wedding Ideas to Include your Dog in your Wedding

15 Best Dog Wedding Ideas to Include your Dog in your Wedding


Probably all couples wish their wedding day to be special. Some choose a certain color or style, others turn this day into a bikers’ party, while pet lovers often come up with the idea to include their furry friends in their wedding. And, you know, those memories and photographs become priceless – when your doggie plays an important role on the biggest day of your life, it makes you both even closer.


That big role of your pet at the wedding is not about making a mess, teasing for food from under the table, and nibbling on long skirts of bridesmaids, of course. It can bear your rings, participate in photoshoots, accompany you down the aisle, star in a festive attire, kiss guests and bring a lot of fun to your wedding! God, we don’t know another way to make this day cuter!

So, if you are obsessed with your dog and have no doubt it’s an equal member of your family, go dress it up and make it one of the stars on your happiest day.

Wedding with Dog


As its role is huge the way we mentioned, you need to think of a fancy attire for your dog. It can match the look of a bride or a groom, wearing a floral dress or a tuxedo, or become another bridesmaid in a dress of the same color. While the dog fashion is growing as a new cool phenomenon, you may find a great number of brilliant ideas.

Add bright and extravagant details, such as golden tulle or feathers. Play with national motifs – Indian, Japanese or Brazil ones, if they match the general style of your wedding. Luckily, it’s not a problem anymore to find a beautiful fancy dress, a tuxedo or a hat for a dog these days. You will certainly find many specialized online fashion shops that will happily accept your order and consider each minor detail. Just be sure, you have enough time before the Day X to get 100% ready.

Stunning dog wedding

Why not arrange a pre-wedding photoshoot featuring your furry baby to add the best photos to wedding invitations? Your guests will be astonished! Whatever you choose, we can guarantee that your memorable event will have much more smiles on faces if you bring the dressed cute pup to this day. But be cautious – it can easily steal the show!


We know that your pup loves you too. And the fact that now it has to share you with someone else won’t make it love you less. This is why we suggest that your furry babe will be happy to help you with your wedding and share some responsibility on this day.

Dog Wedding Accessories

Okay, “what can I do for you, mom?” 

  1. It makes no sense to ask the doggie to be less naughty, anxious and noisy, if it normally behaves this way. Let’s just hope, that your words pronounced sincerely with a soft voice full of love, when your eyes (and noses) meet, will reach their goal and your pup will have some understanding. Just because you two have a nearly sacred connection and you feel each other. These eyes will seem to give a positive reply: “Okay, mom, I won’t be biting those feathers off my dress… I will be adoooo-oo-oorable…” Dog Wedding Dress
  2. Ask your pup to walk down the aisle next to you. It will be proud to accompany its owner on such a significant moment.
  3. Let the pet in a fancy gown add some joyful atmosphere to your wedding photos. Yes, a photographer will have more work to do, but you gonna get an awesome result if the job is done well.
  4. Give freedom to your pup in communication with your guests. Being so cute in a wonderful attire, it will grab a lot of attention, hugs and kisses. But keep fragile objects and food from the main table away from your pup to avoid a mess.
  5. Arrange this cute soulful moment when your doggie brings you the rings on a specially designed dog ring bearer or pillow fixed on its back. You can use additional cheaper rings for this moment.
  6. Provide it with a GoPro for an absolutely unique wedding footage full of fun.
  7. Let it accompany you as a bystander at the altar when you exchange the rings.
  8. Consider some cool dog wedding collar, dog bow tie or a leash for stunning Instagram photos. 
  9. Add some illustrated motifs featuring the pup for invitations, table cards, cocktail napkins, drink menu and wedding stationary.
  10. Let it dance along with other guests!
  11. Bring some other pups to make this day more exciting for the pet as well.
  12. Sneak away for taking few exclusive photos with your lovely four-legged baby.
  13. Let it be on family photos with you two.
  14. Prepare a small separate cake from favorite ingredients for furry guests attending the wedding.
  15. Promise the pup to keep the trend and arrange a wedding just for him/her!

And do not forget to give some attention to your beloved pet when so many people are around. Help it stay calm, cool and well-cared during the celebration. Be generous to share your love and gratitude with the one who loves you so much.