“Dog fashion & Designer Dog Clothes" – TOP 20+ BRANDS [2023 UPDATED]

“Dog fashion & Designer Dog Clothes" – TOP 10 BRANDS

“Dog fashion & Designer Dog Clothes" – perhaps the cutest madness ever!

Oh, how uneasy it is to catch up with the choppy fashion! And lucky are those who are genuinely into fashion and anticipate another change of seasons to put on a warm teddy bear coat a whole month earlier than others! While many others are too busy to focus on such things – why waste time, nerves and money for all these perishable trinkets? But what would sceptics say when told about existence of another fashion – based on its own rules and trends – the fashion for dogs!?

Madness? Well, maybe! But this madness is so cute and positive that people may forgive it practically for everything! You may dislike some fashionista dressed in clothes he personally thinks to be good. But can you remember when you were last displeased by a badger-dog in a jumpsuit or a Christmas sweater? No, never! Because it’s hard to imagine something as positive as this!

But let’s admit the truth – it was not so long ago when people laughed at the very idea of dogs’ clothes! Even raincoats created with a single practical purpose were met with smirks. But now it’s all different! It seems that a couple of centuries passed, not a decade! Today even the most talented designers of the world spend their time on dog fashion while others spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make their pets look like Hollywood stars shining on red carpets.

Where does dog fashion come from?

But what are those laws followed by dog fashion? No hard to guess that it mainly follows the fashion of pets’ owners. Fashionistas often dress their pets the way they dress themselves thereby creating bright complete images for the two.

Dogs’ outfits today are based both on trends and common-sense. Everything you like about clothes of your favorite brands can be also seen in god fashion collections. The Canadian brand Maple Leash, for example, offers stylish and practical clothing for our four-legged friends. It’s where one can find hypoallergenic fabrics, hand-knitted sweaters for cold days, materials colored by natural dyes based on plants etc.

Okay, but which designers are already in?

Well, be ready to get surprised. Moncler, Adidas, Heron Preston, Ralph Lauren, Barbour, Temellini, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Moschino and many other trendsetters, which make clothing for humans, do the same for dogs too!

Out of care and love the Italy-based brand of Moncler makes posh down coats for winter entertainments, Moschino and H&M provides dogs with comfort through making bright hoodies, while Heron Preston is there to save them from rain with incredibly cool and stylish raincoats!

Herry Preston raincoats

Herry Preston raincoats

Warm dog sweater from Ralph Lauren

Warm sweater from Ralph Lauren

But it is way more exciting to explore the dog fashion world through the introduction to 100% “dog brands”. Splendid dog-leads, super-stylish collars, prom and wedding dresses, tail coats and tuxedoes, hats and jackets for our smaller friends created by recognized talents can truly stir the imagination!

And these are some of their brightest representatives of designer dog clothes brands:

1. Canine Styles

Canine Styles is amongst those top brands chosen by celebrities for their lovely pups (especially New York based ones) to amaze their Instagram followers. The clothes and accessories of the brand are about urban chic style. The company releases two luxe collections a year, its dog trends mainly seek inspiration in human fashion.

Canine Styles

2. Ruby Rufus

The British brand creates super-stylish sweaters and snoods for dogs. In collaboration with a fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, the owner of a charming French bulldog Matilda, the company released a gorgeous cashmere collection. The most trendy winter look can undoubtedly be found among Ruby Rufus fashionable products.

Ruby Rufus

3. Rororiri

Hello from San-Francisco! To those who are into dog fashion Rororiri became the synonym of simple and cool dog clothing! Cute cardigans and bandanas for any occasion inspire pet owners to create an extensive dog wardrobe.


4. Barker

Korea-based brand Barker internationally sells fashionable clothes for dogs and easily turn pups into little fashionistas! They happily wear Barker’s bomber jackets, denim jackets and knitwear. Perhaps, it’s one of the most stylish and photogenic brands.


5. Moshiqa

The brand whose clothing is worn by Lady Gaga’s Asia and Leonardo Dicaprio’s Django as well as other celebri-dogs. Moshiqa clothes are sold exclusively online and at Lead the Walk in the UK. Custom bathrobes of the brand are among favorites for many.


6. LazyBonezz

The brand created by mom and daughter in a small New York apartment. LazyBonezz is into creation of a full premium pet line including famous studded designer dog collars and unique patent dog coats.


7. Max-Bone

Another favorite brand for many celebrities. In particular, it’s dubbed as the best one by Gwyneth Paltrow. Her opinion is completely shared by Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens. Max-Bone is easily recognizable by its strict classic styles, cable-knit jumpers and striped T-shirts for dogs.


8. Dog & Co.

It is the popular New York-based online shop of high-quality and beautiful clothes for dogs. The wide range of products is perfect for experiments with unique fashionable looks to a specific taste. Dog & Co. is famous not only in America but across the world as well – it enjoys admiration of pet owners for the excellent quality and contemporary reminiscent of American classics.

Dog & Co.

9. Vanderpump Pets

The brand created by Lisa Vanderpump fallen in love with her little baby Giggy. When you buy any splendid apparel from Vanderpump Pets – leash or collar – you contribute to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation that helps homeless dogs all over the world. The most curious products of the brand must be fleece hoodies and wonderful plush toys in the shape of a bottle of wine.

Vanderpump Pets

10. Ralph Lauren Pets

The name of Ralph Lauren is primarily associated with human fashion, of course, but we cannot ignore its amazing line for pets. Special attention is to be paid to vests and collared shirts with the recognizable pony logo. The designer offers exquisite classy outfits both for leisure and hikes.

Ralph Lauren Pets


Prada has launched a small collection of luxury and elegant pet accessories this year. You will find sweaters, raincoats with hoods, pet collars and leashes, nylon harnesses and leather pet bags.

 PRADA Pet Accessories

12. For the Furry

The brand native to Los Angeles founded in 2018 by a woman focused on her pet and fashion. For the Furry combines trends, the spirit of travel adventures and cuteness to make “finer things for four-legged friends”. Goods of the brand are both enjoyed by dogs and cats. For the Furry features thoughtful and elaborated designs and comes with collars, leashes, leash bags, clothing, bow ties, bandanas, harnesses and more. The online shop of the brand offers to search and choose products based on activities of a pet: walk, wear, sleep, play, eat, bath, travel. Quite unusual and cool!

For the Furry pet clothes

13. Muttropolis

Everything to make a pet look stylish – Muttropolis comes with trendy shirts, costumes, sweaters, jackets, dresses and cute pajamas. A wide range of collars including personalized ones will satisfy any taste. The brand seeks the highest quality and offers products that are often hard to find in the market. Denim, camo and embroidered apparels may easily become your obsession.
Muttropolis dog dresses

14. Pets So Good

Based in New York but produced in South Korea – these goods are sleek, simple and functional. Both kitties and pups happily wear and use Pets So Good things – faux fur coats, hoodies, mufflers, tanks and more. Like many other Korean based brands, this one chooses pastel colors and minimalism. With these things, simple moments of life become brighter and more beautiful.

Pets So Good brand


SSENSE does its best not only to make a pup cute and stylish but also to protect it from adverse weather conditions and allergies and make its days more comfortable. The brand expanded beyond leashes and harnesses and came to the market with hats, gloves, socks, eyewear, jewelry, scarves and even umbrellas for gods! The luxe styles of SSENSE can satisfy pooches of different sizes. Here, you will easily find the favorite patterns like Burburry monogram and Versace Barococo print.


16. Very Important Puppies (V.I.P.)

Luxe design clothing and accessories from V.I.P. are made for those who like to stand out with a pet. As the best luxury clothes are tailored to humans, these ones perfectly fit doggies. Apparels from V.I.P. produced in New York city feature cozy and durable fabrics. The brand tightly collaborates with representatives of the worlds of fashion, art and design and seeks inspiration for its new awesome collections. Streetwear staples of Very Important Puppies are easily recognizable – those graphic hoodies and camo jackets have their own signature style.

Very Important Puppies (V.I.P.) - VIP

17. Oh Joy

Designer and blogger Joy Cho makes you want everything he creates. Bright, cheerful and colorful apparels and accessories catch your eye and save even the gloomiest rainy day in any season. It’s truly hard to choose your personal favorite. Oh Joy, with its striped raincoats, will change your attitude to walking in the rain! Rain is often followed by a rainbow and this rainbow fully matches the mood of the brand.

Oh Joy - Joy Cho

18. Lucy & Co.

Learn to pair shirts and sweaters, learn to impress and to inspire other pet owners – it’s not difficult with Lucy & Co. Each detail is thoughtful and featly. Lucy & Co. treats pets as children and comes with the idea these creatures deserve as much as humans do – love, warmth, cozy homes and high-quality beautiful clothes and cool designs. We wouldn’t dare to disagree. You gonna like dog vests, hoodies and raincoats that feature bright patterns and many functional details. The brand also offers a wide range of stylish bandanas and even protective masks!

Lucy & Co.

19. Pet Haus

If you have always suspected a little bad ass inside your pup, this brand will surely catch your attention. Oh, those rock and roll denim vests! This is how the doggie of Elvis Presley would prefer to look like these days! Long years of experience enable Pet Haus to come with premium quality stuff for those you adore. By the way, you can order a customized vest with this brand to feel truly unique with your pup.

Pet Haus 

20. Wagwear

Urban style for puppies at its best – any size and any breed! Created in 1998 by Amy Harlow, this NY boutique is in love with fashion and dogs. Both classic styles and trendy designs that reflect the mood of the Big Apple. Unrivaled nylon rainbreakers will give no chance to bad weather to spoil your day. Wagwear works with unique sizes and offers most of its garments in a custom-tailor option.


21. Fetch & Follow

London is another mecca of style for doggies after New York – at least until it’s home to such brands and Fetch & Follow. Top-quality and 100% natural fabrics – all garments are made in the UK with love to four-legged creatures. We hear them joyfully barking when they wear cream and navy striped sweaters even on cold nasty days. Adorable fashion outlook of Fetch & Follow has many fans not only in England but abroad too.

 Fetch & Follow



And the hottest trends of the new season, of course!

Armed with the information about the brightest names from the dog fashion world, we finally come up to the question – what trends are to be considered above all? Designers recommend:

The brightest of the colors! All neon variations. Muted tones need to wait.
Japanese street fashion – purchase clothes keeping Harajuku walks in your mind!
Splendid dog dresses abundantly decorated with crystals and ribbons. It’s girlish fashion time, so don’t be shy!
Orange color. Joyful pumpkin colored jackets, bombers and suits.
Multifunctional clothes and accessories. Raincoats easy to put on and coat-leash-collar sets.
Futurism. LED clothes for ultra-fashionable styles.
Go gothic and aggressive! Studs, massive pendants, abundant metal details.
Psycho patterns and illusions, digital prints to dive into the parallel universe.
Feathers! Your babe should try out an image of a Cabaret star or a Brazil carnival dancer!
All types of checkered patterns – from Gingham check to Dog’s tooth.
Comic book prints.
Big bows around the neck – just like in the 70s.
• Rapidly disappearing to show up soon again – the bright leopard print! And python print as an alternative.
Ruffles! Big, multi-layered, voluminous ruffles!

Let fashion be for everyone and everywhere!