Frenchie Fashion: Clothing Top Brands & Shops

Frenchie Fashion: Clothing Top Brands & Shops

Okay, you would ask – why Frenchie? No sheep-dogs here, no poodles, no dogs in general? We’ll tell you why. Along with the undisputed fact that these doggies are extremely cute and willing to share much love, they are special in the way they look – shorter than big dogs but a wider girth than medium ones. They deserve a special approach, the unique kind of dogwear, when it comes to fashion!

At the same time, owners who choose a French bulldog as their pet, are often characterized as people crazy about fashion and cute things. And we love it.

Frenchie in hoodie

When the fashion apparel is chosen right and considers the special shape of the Frenchie’s body, you can see the true example of awesomeness – the cutest creature on Earth! The combination of the squishy face with a playful outfit is a huge dose of serotonin.

Must-Have Items For a Frenchie in Fashion

The wardrobe of a French bulldog in fashion must include the following:
  • Hoodie! No other dog will wear a hoodie so cutely the way it’s done by a Frenchie!
  • Multi-layered bolero skirt for girls;
  • Sweat-shirt for a gloomy cold day;
  • Bows and bandanas;
  • Stylish multicolored vests;
  • Bright raincoats with hoods;
  • Pajamas;
  • Dresses with a bouffant skirt;
  • Sweaters and shirts for boys.
  • Frenchie collars & leashes

 Frenchie bathrobe and pajama

Yes, got it! But now you need to know where to seek cool apparels made specially for Frenchies. We will help you with this too. Luckily, there are some amazing shops and brands that produce lovably cute dogwear specially for French bulldogs. And here they are:

Frenchie WORLD

The shop positions itself as the largest supplier of French bulldog clothes in the world and we tend to believe it! They do consider the specific body shape of this doggie and understand its beauty. Besides, they test their clothes on their own pups. Everything you wanted to find may be purchased from Frenchie WORLDjackets, coats, costumes, pajamas, sweaters, shirts and so much more! With all respect to clients the shop provides you with simple guidelines and a sizing chart.

Frenchie WORLD - Christmas Jacket

Frenchie Shop

The Frenchie Shop store is full of crazy cool apparels and accessories. We especially love backpacks and Frenchie face masks (no one is surprised they have become a piece of the fashion world). Frenchie Shop pampers buyers with discounts and special offers. When you see all those cute clothes, you understand that Frenchies represent a true source of inspiration for the designers who stand behind these models. Regardless of your taste and preferences, you will always find some piece of awesomeness for your furry friend here.

Frenchie raincoats with hoods


With the warmest feelings for French bulldogs this shop offers incredible collections of collars, clothes, harnesses, costumes and accessories. You may even find a costume of Batman for your doggie at Frenchiely! Or a silk pajamas shirt. Sporty, elegant, naughty, sleepy, girlish – the shop has it all for any occasion! Just add some accessories – chains, glasses and boots – to make a wonderful outfit to conquer the world of dog’s fashion!

Frenchie rose hoodie

Our Frenchie

Our Frenchie is a shop created by a couple Laura and Tom who bought a puppy and fell in love with it. Frenchie named Pandora inspired the guys to make a website devoted to this breed with a blog, useful tips and information and a shop of clothes and accessories. When something is based on love, it always gives wonderful results. Our Frenchie offers cute and stylish dogwear, grooming accessories, summer products for pups, leashes, collars and harnesses, cool stickers, toys, bowls, training appliances, beds and mats and even more. As for the clothes, the shop has sporty, cute, warm and comfortable apparels for Frenchies. Here you may find a camouflage T-shirt, for example, or a waterproof winter jacket to save your pet from cold. There are some cool models for holidays, too. Our Frenchie offers world-wide free shipping and secure payment options.

Multi-layered bolero skirt for Frenchie


Creators of FrenchieFits love the unique shape of the breed and come with beautiful custom design products especially for French bulldogs. This means you will always be confident that the chosen apparel will be a perfect fit. Our favs are brightly colored sunglasses, comfy fleece hoodies with Mickey and Rabbit ears and a funny Cowboy Costume. FrenchieFits also has many products for humans who adore the breed: wallets, watches, blankets, necklaces, phone cases and more.

Hoodies with Mickey and Rabbit ears


Frenchiestore supports eight languages and delivers its products to all corners of the world. It also cares about the environment and sells only eco-friendly clothes and accessories for pets. This shop is not only about merchandise, it’s a small universe for pet lovers. Frenchiestore is active in social media – it shares fresh ideas and designs, speaks about deceases of Frenchies and supports those who need this. The main feature of the products from Frenchiestore is health conscience materials because they believe your dog deserves the best.

The shop offers a huge collection of bright harnesses, cooling bandanas, scarves, head bows and bow ties. But we fell in love with a unicorn design apparel!

Frenchiestore Unicorn Collar and leach for Frenchie

Frenchie Bulldog

This is one of the most stylish stores for Frenchie fashionistas. Strap harnesses, hoodies, comfort leashes and bandanas are main products from Frenchie Bulldog Store. When you see the abundancy and the cool design of these accessories, you truly wish to be a dog. These guys are crazy about patterns and ornaments which make every product unique.

The recent Taco collection features super-soft and durable materials as well as lovable designs and vibrant prints to get many compliments. Mini Spring collection is based on the most popular fashion ornaments, pink and blue colors. We love them so much! Aztec collection includes products you will never find in any other place. And Unicorn Products inspire to celebrate the great National Unicorn Day and party in the company of furry friends.

Marc Petite's Boutique

Exclusive Collars by Marc Petite

If you are looking for something more exclusive, in our shop you will find a special selection of collars suitable for Frenchies.  

Strong and Durable Collars for French Bulldogs