Dog Collar Maintenance

Like any other thing made from natural leather, for a long-term service, the dog collar you have bought requires maintenance. Care instructions depend on the type of leather and the materials of the buckle and the barrette. To prolong the service of the collar, follow the instructions provided below:

Brass Buckles and D-rings

With the course of time brass tends to oxidize and lose its attractive glitter. But you can restore the original shining appearance of the accessory with help of a special polisher and a piece of a felted cloth packed with your order. 

The brass surface of the fastening device is to be polished with a white side of the polisher within 1-2 minutes until it starts shining again. After the polishing, it is recommended to wipe the surface with the felted cloth to remove the remains of the brass dust. Upon the procedure, the polisher should be washed with soap in tap water and dried. 

Leather care

We make accessories from different types of leather. This natural sustainable material can boast of good elasticity and durability. Different methods of treatment can provide genuine leather with a special texture, smoothness, softness or roughness, make it more elastic and durable. Care recommendations for each type of leather can vary to a great extent. 

Vegetable / oil tanned leather (Crazy Horse)

Leather Cleaning

The collar can be cleaned with the help of Saddle & Leather Conditioning Soap. 

Leather Moisturizing and nutrition

To make the leather soft again, we recommend to use liquid neat’s foot oil of room temperature – it absorbs well, softens, strengthens and moisturizes the leather. 

Leather Protection

As time passes the protective water-repellent layer on the accessory is wearing off. It is better to be restored by wax with natural oils or colorless leather cream that contains bee wax. 

Chrome-tanned leather

Chrome-tanned leather retains its original properties and appearance for a longer period of time, it may serve many years but, nevertheless, it also requires care and nutrition just like vegetable leather does. We recommend using colorless cream with bee wax specially intended for leather care.


The inner surface of some collars is finished with soft velour. This material is pleasant to touch but it tends to wear off. Apply the grey side of the polisher, packed with your order, for treatment of problem areas, after the cleaning procedure wipe the velour surface with a moist (not wet) microfiber tissue.

Charol / Patent Leather

Patent leather does not require special maintenance. If the collar becomes dirty, clean its surface with a moist (not wet) microfiber tissue and then wipe it with a dry felted cloth by polishing movements. 

General recommendations for the use and maintenance of leather goods

Genuine leather does not like water and the sun, that is why do not use the accessory in rainy weather and save it from the long impact of the scorching sun. 

Regular use of protection and water-proofing products helps to protect the accessory from dust, dirt, water and other aggressive reagents.

If the collar gets dirty, clear the dirt and the dust off with a rubber brush and then wipe it with a moist (not wet) microfiber tissue. When the cleaning is done, dry the collar at room temperature and then apply protection products. 

In summertime better apply products based on silicone. In winter – any heavier cream based on wax or oils.