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“Rio” - Luxury Dog Bow Tie
Fuchsia Leather Dog Bow Tie
Fuchsia Carnival Dog Bow Tie
Designer Dog Bow Tie


Leather Dog Bow Ties with Swarovsky crystals for toy, small, middle & large breeds.

Where should we travel for the brightest, the most impressive and – let’s be honest – for the hottest festivals in the world? To Rio, of course! Oh, those passionate dances, those crazy headpieces, those white smiles against smooth dark skin! Everyone should visit a Rio carnival at least once in a lifetime! But while the sun of Brazil shines for someone else, we embrace a piece of its chic to beautify a local event!

“Rio” bow-tie has it all! The amazingly vivid fuchsia color, the sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the weightless coquettish feathers to draw gentlemen’s attention! All these fantastic elements are reliably fixed on the soft leather basis of the highest quality. When she looks as stunning as this, you can hardly catch your breath, boy! Promise me, next time we’ll go for the fun of Rio together!

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