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Jewelled Luxury Dog Collar with Leash in red Fur leather & Gold Panther
Jewelled Luxury Dog Collar in Red & Gold
Luxury Set Dog Collar & Dog Chain Leash in red fur leather
Jewelled Luxury Dog Collar in Red & Gold for Greyhound
Jewelled Luxury Dog Collar in Red & Gold for Italian Greyhound
Jewelled Luxury Dog Collar in Red & Gold Panther
Jewelled Luxury Dog Collar in Red & Gold
Cleo Collar + Leash
Chic Dog Collar in Red & Gold
Bing Dog Collar in Red & Gold
Luxury Dog Collar in Red & Gold
Unique Dog Collar in Red & Gold
Panther Collar in Red & Gold
luxury dog leash
red dog leash
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Cleo Collar + Leash

This unique dog collar is inspired by ancient Egypt, characterized by respect and worship for pets. This civilization was distinguished by being the first to open the door to animals, treating and caring for them as one more member of the family.

This luxurious piece is a tribute and a claim to their thoughts and beliefs. Made of high quality fur goatskin, with gold plated details and crystals, it will make your pet look like in ancient Egypt. Its carmine - red color blends perfectly with the figure of the Golden Panther and the Green of its eyes.

The interior of the collar is made of black leather and its edges are covered with paint for comfort and protection. It also features a crystal ring made with the micro pavé technique that further enhances the beauty of this collection piece.

This dog collar is handcrafted and hand sewn using the point Sellier technique. It can be adapted for small, medium and large breeds. You can also add a gold-plated dog show leash and red leather, adorned with the figure of a panther, as well as the collar.


Cleo Collar + Leash

Luxury Jewelled Dog Collar and leash in Red Leather & Gold Plated Panther for toy, small, middle, large & extra large breeds.

This designer dog collar is made of high quality goat fur leather in red carmine & jewelled with gold plated panther & ring with crystals in micro pave technique. The inside of the collar is covered with soft black leather & edges are treated with special paint for better comfort & protection. The collar is finished with high quality buckle & barrette with high breaking load.

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Width: 4 / 6 / 7 / 9 cm  If you need other width, contact us. 
Length: On request. Specify neck girt and breed on checkout.


Breaking load: 73 kg  / 2,2 lb
Length: 110cm / 43,3 inches. 


Outside Leather: goat fur leather
Inside Leather: genuine leather


Breaking load: snake brass gold plated chain is made in sand casting technique

Warranty, replacement or repair of leather goods for the first 2 years at no cost for products worth more than $700. Delivery to the store: at client cost. Delivery to the client: at our cost. The product should be preserved in good condition to be repared. Send us a picture before. It is also possible to repair products that are out of warranty. For more information, contact us.

All our products are made-to-order, handmade & hand sewn piece by piece, with no waste at all. This is why the cost of any of our products are much higher than other pet brands, but as well is much higher the quality & durability of our products.